Clarity de Bureau Veritas permite a las empresas aportar transparencia y credibilidad a sus compromisos ASG.


With clarity, Bureau Veritas enables companies to bring transparency and credibility to their ASG commitments.

May. 16 2023

The solution covers a wide range of sustainability topics: social, health and safety, environment, biodiversity, climate change, business ethics, responsible sourcing, animal welfare, energy efficiency and waste management.

Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification, announces the launch of Clarity, a suite of solutions that helps companies manage their ESG roadmaps and monitor the progress of their sustainability strategies. With Clarity, Bureau Veritas supports its clients on a broad spectrum of topics, from Social, Health & Safety, Environment, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Business Ethics and Responsible Sourcing to Animal Welfare, Energy Efficiency and Waste Management.

Beyond financial performance and the ability to innovate, companies are now measured by their positive impact on people and the planet. Organizations must now make public statements about their CSR strategies and demonstrate that the commitments they make are credible and efficiently implemented.



"Through our BV Green Line of services and solutions, we support those who strive to demonstrate their commitments through transparent, reliable and meaningful actions. Thanks to Clarity, we provide consistent and reliable information, enabling companies to communicate their sustainability roadmaps.

In addition to providing testing, inspection and certification services, we contribute to our clients' journey to build trust with their stakeholders and make their CSR strategies credible levers of value creation. Clarity perfectly illustrates our mission: to shape a world of trust by ensuring responsible progress.