Bureau Veritas incorpora tecnología RPA para llevar la automatización a sus clientes



May. 16 2023

The Colombian compliance verification subsidiary and the leading RPA startup recently signed a collaboration agreement to complement their services with state-of-the-art technology.

Bureau Veritas is a company that has more than 190 years of history with presence in Colombia for more than three decades. Focused on testing, inspection and certification services for processes and services, the company has taken a step towards innovation, through its Colombian subsidiary, with the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Chilean startup Rocketbotleader in RPA automation.

This agreement aims to complement and enhance Bureau Verita’s services at different levels. "This type of technologies will allow the organization to consolidate the path towards digital transformation and innovation, seeking to make Bureau Verita’s processes and solutions more efficient in all its service lines, at the same time it will be able to contribute to the fulfillment of sustainable development objectives such as the reduction of the carbon footprint." This was stated by Carlos Guzmán, Country Chief Executive for Colombia and Panama. (2021)

"This alliance between Bureau Veritas and Rocketbot will be a technological boost for the company's entire portfolio in asset management, compliance verification and certification. With tools such as our RPA solutions, many companies in Colombia will be able to train their employees to learn how to build their own Business Case (ROI) and with this, automate processes (with high cost/benefit), to save time and optimize their functions," added Luis Vasquez, Regional Business Development Manager of Rocketbot.

This agreement, which began in December 2020, has already trained more than 20 people from the Bureau Veritas team, who learned how to use the Rocketbot platform. During the month of February, the Chilean startup conducted the first "RPA Executive" training for the company's internal executives in Colombia.