Agribusiness & Commodities


Ensuring what is good


Petroleum and petrochemicals, metals and minerals, coal, agricultural products, agrifoods and imported goods.

The world population is expected to grow by around 9,500 million by 2020 (1), which represents a major challenge for the agri-food sector. This population growth is putting pressure on natural resources, from water used in agriculture to fish stocks around the world. At the same time, the increase in income is generating higher expectations in terms of food quality and safety. The global food and agriculture industries face the challenge of challenges to advanced food production techniques and more efficient supply chains, while adhering to strict rules and regulations as well as the protection of their brands.

We improve transparency and verify the composition, quality and quantity of products along the value chain, from production to importation and from the farm to the table. We facilitate international trade and protect citizens from low quality products by verifying the conformity of imports.

Our Positioning

Bureau Veritas is recognized as the world leader in certification services. We guarantee the safety and quality of food from the farm to the table and focus on expanding our international network of agri-food analysis laboratories to cover the main markets and provide assistance to our customers worldwide. From agriculture and food production to trade and brands, we work to encourage our customers to achieve best practices in supply chains and processes, mitigate risks, protect their brands and gain access to international markets by ensuring compliance with regulations Thanks to Blockchain technology, we also help our customers to ensure safety, transparency and quality throughout their supply chain.

Our contribution to society

Through the quality, safety and traceability services we offer to our customers, we contribute to sustainable agriculture, while providing final consumers with transparency and confidence regarding the products they consume.