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One of the biggest challenges faced by major retail chains is the standardization of processes, products and services offered to clients. In this scenario, compliance with standards, such as compliance with brand specification standards, is often a barrier to quality perception and consumer satisfaction.

Our team of specialized professionals carries out evaluations at the points of sale or in the service to our clients, analyzing the standard of facilities and cleaning, sales procedures, correct use of products and customer service. Our auditors also check compliance with standards and specifications of regulatory bodies, and assist in safety on site, with inspection and verification of infrastructure, emergency systems, crisis plans, employee working conditions, and quality of the raw material received by suppliers. In addition, we have developed and implemented action plans to reduce losses and improve operational management of the business.

Our main differential is our capillary auditor network, with presence throughout the country, assuring visits to the points of sale with greater frequency, better logistics and lower cost for our clients. Our multidisciplinary team of specialized professionals operates with technical qualification, evaluating all aspects of the operation, from the electric power industry to food safety verification.

We are recognized for our credibility, technical know-how, experience and reputation in almost 200 years of operation in more than 140 countries. Today, the Retail division accounts for 14% of our business in the world, including fast food chains, car dealerships, fuel stations, gas systems, school networks and telecommunications.